It's a Scary World Out There

In the internet world

Do you find it difficult to run your organization AND keep up with all the internet security issues and changes?

It's scary out there in the internet world. Things have been crazy lately, hackers are breaking into places they never have before. The good news is web services providers are become even more secure. Things are changing much more rapidly than they have in the past. For me it is exciting, but this is my full-time job.

That's why our $49 per month Preserve and Protect plan is such a good deal. For $49 per month we monitor all the security issues and install the updates needed for your website. We provide up to 30 minutes per month of security updates, tech support and/or website content updates.

So if you need assistance with website content updates, tech support and security updates contact me today.

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For those of you who are hosted with Pritchard Websites, you have the 24 hour phone number. This is our full-time profession and we take it as seriously as you take yours. So if you have a problem with your website such as it goes down or gets hacked, call anytime.

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Mike Pritchard made our company website for which we receive regular praise. He has always been available for prompt assistance. Mike's friendly, attentive demeanor made the process a pleasure.
-Michael, Mason Wing-Walking, Sequim, WA

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