Website Hosting - Why it Matters

Saving You Time and Money - From Website Hacks

There are three components to a website:
#1. The domain name (i.e. pritchardwebsites.com)
#2. The actual website files
#3. Where the website files are stored (website hosting)

Website files need to be stored on a secure computer that is connected to the internet. You rent space on a computer for your files.

I am excited that Pritchard Hosting continues to offer some of the best hosting prices around but price should not be the determining factor when choosing a website host.

Security is the primary concern, because an insecure hosting computer can cause your website to be hacked even if your website is totally secure. If a website on the same computer as yours gets hacked AND the server is not secure the hacker can reach your website too.

Web site hacks can affect you a few ways. Things I have seen:

  • The only change to a hacked website is a new "vanity" front page showing off the hacker's ability.
  • A new "vanity" page and all the website files deleted.
  • No change at all to the website but the hacker took over email and sends out spam email messages.
  • No obvious change but injected code used for various purposes that gets your site blocked from Google.
Some of those happened to me. That is embarrassing but many years ago I was working on a site that was hacked. Lots of emails were sent out from my email address selling Viagra. That's not good for business : )

Let's Get Started
We can fix, or prevent your security issues!

Our Services - Continually Secure

You don't have to worry, we'll do that for you while saving you time and money.

We have been continually working to offer the most secure servers around. It narrows my profit margin considerably but it is worth it, I only want to offer high quality services.

Better Support Than You'll Need - 24/7 Support

We take care of all the tech stuff for you.

Most webhosting companies give you access to the control panel where you can setup your email and subdomains, addon domains and ftp accounts. But at Pritchard Hosting you have access to your control panel AND additionally we will happily do all the above for you. Just contact me and we'll make any adjustments needed.

If your website is currently hosted at Pritchard Hosting you are enjoying the security and service you deserve. Tell your friends to contact me to learn how I can help them. If you are hosted elsewhere contact me today to learn more at 951.970.6172 or Mike@PritchardWebsites.com.