Website Creation - The High Cost of Free

Saving you time, money and frustration - the value of hiring a professional

One of the problems with my chosen, full-time career is that most 14-year-olds can do websites. When I first started there wasn't as much competition. But the difference between a website set up by a rookie and by a professional is remarkable.

Over the years I have fixed lots of problems created by rookies.
Those problems fall into one of three categories:
#1. Website effectiveness
#2. Website quality
#3. Website security

You want an effective website. While you can save a few bucks by letting your nephew set up your website you will be missing the main goal of your website: effectiveness.

You want a website that communicates your message. But that involves a lot of factors:
website structure, layout, design and search ranking.

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If They Can't Find You...

...it's the same as not having a website at all.

Do you want your target audience to find you?

If potential visitors can't find your website, it is the same as not having a website at all. Websites need to be constructed with search ranking factors. That requires a seasoned professional.

If visitors to your website have difficulty finding what they want, or the layout isn't good, or if the design is out-dated they get a negative first impression of your organization.

The Value in Design

The problem

The problem with design is that the effect is not always conscious. If the design is slightly off the typical viewer won't spot what is wrong, they will simply "feel" that something is not quite right. That feeling is translated to your organization, not JUST to your website. This effect is a very big problem because it is difficult to recognize & quantify.

I have seen the high cost of "free websites" many times.

Give me a call, I am excited to tell you that a professionally designed website probably won't be as expensive as you think and we can solve a lot of problems for you.