How to Easily Lose your Wordpress Website

If you have a lot of time and money

...here is one way to lose your Wordpress Website:

#1. Get a cheap theme from a rookie designer.
#2. Don't check for theme upgrades.
#3. Set your Wordpress website to auto-update.
#4. Don't do backups.

Yup, that's all it takes. Fixing a problem like that is expensive.

I have rescued quite a few Wordpress users. They were surprised to learn that the theme they were using was no longer supported. Either they or their designer chose a theme without checking out the theme-maker. Then after a couple of years the creator of the theme quit upgrading his theme.

Then eventually a Wordpress update breaks the theme.

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What Happens Next is Not Pretty


If your website is hosted (stored) on my webserver we can get you backup and running quickly. We would restore the previous version of your website. That is only a temporary solution giving you 6 months or so to create a new website or change your theme. Yes, we look like heroes at that point.

However, if your website is hosted with a different company that does not do automatic backups this is going to be expensive and your site is going to be broken for awhile. You'll either need to start all over or find a theme you like and get it installed and adjust all the code to make it work. We can do that for you, and yes we'll look like heroes again, but your site is going to be down for a while as this is time consuming.

So, the moral of the story is host(store) your website with my company. We do regular backups of your site. Then check your theme and run backups.

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