Landscape Design Websites are Different.

We all know word-of-mouth advertising is best, but if you want more business than you are getting now it is time to attract clients from the web. Those new clients can also help boost your word-of-mouth advertising!

There are two requirements to get landscape design leads from the internet:
1) Your business has to be found online.
2) Your website needs to present your company in a compelling way.

We specialize in both.

Your Online Potential Client

Challenge 1

Unlike many of the industries we work with, your online potential client will want to see your work before they decide to call you. Therefore, they must be able to find your website.

Challenge 2

The second challenge is more complex. Your online potential clients will make decisions when seeing photos of your work on your website. Those decisions are subjective.

Landscape Design Websites

Individualized Solutions

Many of the conclusions they make about your business will be affected by the subconscious reaction they have when viewing your website. You have seen this before, whenever you visit a poorly designed website you feel discouraged from using their services. Yes this can be overcome, but if you contact the business it will be in spite of the bad website.

You chose your plumber or mechanic because someone else recommended them, not because of their poorly designed websites. So when you go to their website to get the phone number to call them, you make that call in spite of the design.

We don't expect great design from a plumber or auto mechanic; we always expect good design from a landscape designer. So it is of paramount importance that your website presents your info in an attractive way, incorporating the latest developments and trends.

Here is a vivid example, would you be more likely to hire this company?
landscapedesigns.bz (opens in new window)

Or one of these?
terra.design (opens in new window)
envconst.com (opens in new window)
susielandscapedesigns.com (opens in new window)

Notice how you felt when you looked at that first site. You had to overcome your initial reaction if you wanted to pursue the idea of using their service. There is an uphill decision-making process you would need to take. You would need to consciously decide to overlook the issues you saw on the website.

That is why we are so serious about website creation.

We look forward to formulating a plan that fits your specific needs.

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Our Philosophy

Every situation is different.

So we actively investigate your goals, needs and assets to determine the best path forward for your business. Sometimes we advise starting with your online presence, sometimes with your website design. For landscape designers both are equally important. However we also know your time is valuable.

We always start with the most effective solutions first, working through one or two improvements at a time.

Unlike a one-day class on social media marketing our approach is to provide you with only the most cost effective methods first. Then as those are completed we move on to more actions you can take to continue to improve your success. This balances your time and budget with effective gains.

17 years in online marketing has taught us the best path for each business is individualized.

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