Losing Your Domain Names

This could be an expensive mistake.

I started selling domain names for one reason only: so many people have lost their domain names due to failure to renew timely.

> We'll save you either a lot of time, or a lot of money.

My system is different and I am excited to share it with my clients, friends and family. I pay for each domain name personally then bill for reimbursement. No one will lose their domain name unless they absolutely refuse to pay.

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Protect Your Domain Name

Things to know:

What you need to know about your domain name:
#1. You need the login user name and password to manage your domain name. If you don't have that you can't renew the domain name.

#2. The most important info is the Registrant/Owner email address. As long as you have the user name and password AND have access to the listed owner email address you will get the notices for renewal and "own" the domain name.

#3. The domain name company will not snail mail renewal notices. So any paper invoice mailed to you is a scam. If you receive email notices for renewal and you suspect a hoax, forward that email to me and I will check it for you.

If you lose your domain name:
#1. You might be able to reclaim it in the waiting period.
#2. If your website gets very, very few visitors you might be able to re-purchase the domain name after it completely expires.
#3. Typically expired domain names are purchased either by China or resellers who will sell it back to you for thousands of dollars.

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