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Mobile phone cameras have changed our life. They are changing our culture, the abililty to instantly show an image is powerful. Google Glass will take that to an entirely new level. Check out the below infographic, some amazing stats here.

If you are not interested in mobile photos take a look at the first section, the growth of cell phone and mobile useage is huge.

Pocketography: the democratization of photography, iStock visual trends, March 2013

Author: Mike Pritchard

About Mike

Mike Pritchard is an international web designer and has over 13 years experience in presenting compelling website content. A master at website development his other skills include custom html, css and PhotoShop, he has reached expert status in all three. Mike is experienced with forms, search engine optimization, server & email setups, print graphics and multi-language websites.

Mike's latest passion is mobile friendly websites. He enjoys the challenge of designing websites that display correctly on all devices.

Born in Santa Maria, California, Mike never moved farther than 30 miles from his home town, until at age 46 he moved to the country of Hungary to be a missionary for 7 years. Mike is married with 4 children, and 11 12 chickens in his backyard.

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