The free websites come packed with features you would not expect:

Easy to learn website creation and editing,
Simple image and file uploading,
Many different styles to choose from, many are mobile friendly,
Many plugins can be added,
Free demo available here.
Ten minute tutorial to complete website here.

The free website comes with 9 templates installed, but there are many more styles to choose from by clicking here.
Add themes by uploading to themes folder and extracting, then choose theme on Theme tab in admin area.

Included theme notes:
Handcrafted instructions here, demo here.
Flat Image Green demo here,
GSkeleton demo and instructions here.
House demo here.
New Clear instructions here, demo here.
Innovation demo here.
Pavement instructions here, demo here.
New Minimalism demo here.
Cardinal demo is this site.
Or install your own by clicking here.


Published on  July 7th, 2014